Curse of the Crimson Throne

A City on the Brink

As the heroes exit Gaedran Lamm’s dank fishery into the midday sun, they discover that the city has begun to tear itself apart. The King is dead, and the divisive Queen Ileosa now reigns. They battle their way through the riot-torn streets, on the way rescuing a young noble called Armin Jalento from having his arm crushed by an irate mob of dock-workers. They also meet the drunk, self-pitying Watch Sergeant Grau Soldado, who has taken to drinking away his troubles. A few stern words from Pelius and some kinder ones from Archibald convince Soldado to return to his suites, once he’s sobered up. He sheepishly follows them back to the nearest guard post.

Eventually, the heroes make their way to the imposing structure of Castle Korvosa, built on an ancient Varisian pyramid. They hail the royal guard and tell them that they have found the Queen’s lost necklace. They are ushered up the great stairs and into an antechamber in the grand castle. There, they are met by Sabina Merrin, the Queen’s personal bodyguard. She guides them into the Throne Room, where Queen Ileosa sits atop the Crimson Throne, beautiful and austere in full mourning dress. She thanks them for recovering her necklace, and rewards them with a large sum of money. She then asks them if they would be willing to head to Citadel Volshyenek, where Field Marshal Cressida Kroft is currently attempting to restore order in the city. The heroes agree, and Merrin escorts them to the gate, and orders a retinue to escort them through the dangerous streets to the Citadel.



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