Curse of the Crimson Throne

A meeting with Zellara


The three strangers each followed their instruction and met at the appointed place, the trio exchanged pleasantries, and each produced their card. The mystery deepened as the three adventurers had never met, and the building they had assembled at seemed devoid of life.

Marcel de Germande was the first to enter, his harrow card held in a gauntleted hand. He was followed in by Archibald and then Pellius, each eager to meet their mysterious host. She appeared then, dressed in the garb of a Varisian nomad, all scarves and bangles, with eyes of dark brown. She introduced herself as Zellara, a harrower of some repute who wished to employ them to undertake a task of vital importance. It turned out her harrow deck had been appropriated by a small-time villain by the name of Gaedren Lamm, an altogether unpleasant man who had by coincidence (or perhaps not…) already clashed with Marcel de Germande, Pellius and Archibald for various different reasons. The trio were only too happy to help the unfortunate harrower, especially now they had the chance for revenge on Gaedren Lamm.

Zellara then performed a harrowing for the three adventurers, asking them each to pick a card. Archibald’s card – the Juggler – was then drawn in the harrowing itself, and he had a strange vision of running across rooftops, a premonition perhaps? Regardless, after the harrowing, the three moved out, heading for Gaedren Lamm’s last known haunt, down on the docks.



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