Curse of the Crimson Throne

Down by the Pier

Putting and end to Gaedren Lamm and chums

Gaedren Lamm ran his business in a ramshackle old warehouse-pier just down the road from Zellara’s home, in the fishery area of town. Tumbledown wooden structures ran along the dockside, the majority producing a foul paste of fish guts, produced as fertiliser but also packed into slabs and fried as a food for the poor denizens of Korvosa. The smell throughout the district was overpowering, particularly outside the premises said to be occupied by Gaedren Lamm.

On reaching the building, the three rookie adventurers decided that Archibald would be best placed to scout the area, being used to sneaking around where he wasn’t wanted. He picked his way along the walkway that ran round the old pier building, peeking through grime-covered windows as he did so. He spotted a middle-aged man reclining in the entrance, a large log book at his side. Moving further round, he spied another door, and a large boat moored at the far end of the pier, a boat that had clearly seen better days and didn’t look in the least bit seaworthy. After a nod to his peers, Archibald worked on gaining access via the side door, picking the lock and forcing his way into a small office.

At the same time, Marcel de Germande marched right up to the front door and pushed his way in, subtlety never his forte. Archibald used the noise to cover his entrance via the rear door, and took the gent at the desk by surprise. After a brief and noisy exchange, the man on the desk fled into the recesses of the building, firing a wand as he fled. In his stead, a demented half-orc wielding a large club stumbled into the room, giggling as he did so. In addition, a large dog bounded forth, snarling as he leapt at the intruders.

Archibald became rather separated from his allies, and was then set upon by a group of malnourished children, who rushed him, attempting to stab and club him with improvised weaponry. Amongst their number he noticed a ragged-looking gnome, dressed in the garb of a beggar child, and urging his charges onward. Archie made a beeline for the gnome, trying to avoid hurting any of the children as he did so.

The half-orc lumbered straight at Marcel de Germande, swinging his club as he did so, Marcel stepped lightly to the side and struck the giggling maniac a thundering blow to the head from his bec-de-corbin. The thug’s eyes crossed as the blunt force of the hammer smashed his skull inward, and he pitched forth, never to rise again. Between Pellius and Marcel de Germande, the dog was no matter, and once Archibald had finally offed the gnome, the beggar children saw a chance to make a break for freedom, fleeing the warehouse into the evening rain.

The trio then explored the rest of the warehouse, and after a minor scuffle with some large spiders in the hull of the old boat, discovered a secret entrance to a lower level beneath the pier. The inner sanctum of Gaedren Lamm’s operation. A small room with a pit of water at it’s centre, and a small officer at the far end, this was no grand criminal empire. Indeed, Gaedren Lamm himself was little challenge, and quickly fell to the blades of his foes, despite an attempt to turn the local wildlife (in the form of a rather large crocodile) against the three adventurers. The man who had manned the desk up top was also present, but saw fit to surrender after seeing his boss bite the dust.

The trio searched Gaedren Lamm’s personal effects, finding a large hat box, a deck of harrow cards (clearly belonging to Zellara) and a small pile of gold inside a silver box. Opening the hat box, the trio of adventurers were confronted with a rather disturbing sight, the severed head of Zellara! They jumped back and began to discuss the discovery between them, only for the deck of harrow cards they had liberated to animate itself, spinning around the room and summoning forth the spirit of the deceased harrower. She apologised for the deception, stating that Gaedren Lamm had murdered her after she had attempted to find her lost son, and it had only been by chance that she had been able to transfer her essence to her personal harrow deck. She offered to help them in their adventures in Korvosa, offering them a reading whenever the time was right. The three agreed, and Pellius pocketed the harrow deck, as her image disappeared into the pack of cards.

After some further investigation, Archibald discovered an intricately crafted necklace, and almost dropped it as he realised its origin. Mere days ago Queen Ileosa Arabasti herself had lost a jewel matching this description, and had offered a reward for its return, turning to his new-found allies, it seemed only polite to offer a share of the reward. The trio left the foul smell of the docks and headed for Korvosa Castle.



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