Devargo Barvasi


Devargo Barvasi, also known as ‘The King of Spiders’ is a Korvosan crime lord who runs a network of vice from his headquarters at Eel’s End. A tall, pale man with close-cropped black hair and cold blue eyes, Barvasi is feared and respected by the common folk of Korvosa. Despite his reputation for ruthlessness and cruelty, he pays his vice taxes and keeps good order in Eel’s End, and has therefore remained out of trouble with the Korvosan Guard.

There are rumours that Barvasi is fiend-blooded, and has unnatural control over spiders. His black leather amour is wrapped in web-like chains, with a spider-shaped buckle securing it across his chest. His signature weapons are two gauntlets fixed with blades across the knuckles. Fist-sized spiders occasionally crawl across his skin as he holds audience in his ‘Throne Room’ aboard the moored warship Eel’s End, but he pays them no mind at all.

Three adventurers representing the Korvosan Guard recently met with Barvasi, seeking documents that the crime lord had obtained regarding the salacious personal habits of a trouble-making Chelish diplomat. After some negotiation, and a rather brutal yet entertaining game of knivesies won by Taldan knight-in-exile Marcel de Germande, Barvasi handed over the documentation. He remains at large.

Devargo Barvasi

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